Münster-Düsseldorf Seminar

Münster-Düsseldorf GeSAMT (Gemeinsames Seminar Algebra und Modelltheorie)
takes place on two or three days each semester, each consisting of about 3 talks on various subjects around algebra and model theory.
The location usually alternates between Düsseldorf and Münster.
For any questions and to receive announcements about the seminar, please contact either Prof. Katrin Tent, Martin Bays (Münster), or Immanuel Halupzcok, David Bradley-Williams (Düsseldorf).

WS 16/17

Fri, 3. Feb 2017, in Düsseldorf.
Talks in building 25.22, on this map, close to metro "Uni Ost/Botanischer Garten".

11.30-12.30: Immanuel Halupczok (Düsseldorf), A new analogue of o-minimality for valued fields;
14.00-15.00: Aleksandra Kwiatkowska (Münster), Cyclically dense conjugacy classes in topological groups;
15.05-16.05: Mohammad Bardestani (Münster), Orbit methods and faithful representation of groups.

16:45 - 17:45: Particpants may also be interested in the colloquium, held today in room 25.22 HS 5H.

Fri, 4. Nov 2016, in Münster.
Talks in room M6
11.00-12.00: Katrin Tent (Münster), Building like geometries of finite Morley rank;
13.30-14.30: Gönenç Onay (Münster), On the theory of modules of F_p((T));
14.45-15.45: David Bradley-Williams (Düsseldorf), Definable relations and syzygetic subsets of trees.